Course Guide

What's that?

With your application you have to submit the official module handbook or course description guide underlying your previous university degree so that we can assess your qualifications. From this guide, the respective module content and the skills taught must emerge. For the verification of your qualification it must be clear what skills you have acquired in the relevant subjects. A transcript with lecture titles only is not enough! The course guide must be written in English or German.

No official course guide?

If your university does not provide an official course guide in English or German, please submit a written confirmation to this fact. In that case we propose that you compile the contents of all relevant courses. Do you have lecture scripts from your professors? A copy of a detailed table of contents would be good. Often there are official descriptions of lectures on the university's website. If so, please give us a list of links.

Signature needed!

If your course guide is only available in a language other than German or English, please attach the original guide as a pdf file or the links to the online version. A course guide written by yourself should bear a signature from one of your professors with a stamp of the university.