Examinations in Electrical Engineering
and Information Technology

Exam Registration

All exams (incl. labs and seminars) and also extra-curricular courses have to be registered by the students in TUMonline.

Exam registration period in winter semester of 2023/24

from November 20, 2023 - January 15, 2024

Plese note the following points during registraion:

  • The registration period applies to all first attempt examinations and all repeat examinations
  • The registration also applies to labs, seminars, FIQ modules, extracurricular modules, etc.
  • Other registration deadlines may apply for some labs; these can be found in TUMonline or on the websites of the responsible chairs
  • Some modules from other schools/ faculties may have different registration deadline. Students should inform themselves at the early stage.
  • Exception for GOP examinations in the Bachelor EI program: All students are automatically registered for these examinations in their first two semesters. Students in higher semesters who still have to write their Joker module, will also be automatically registered for this exam.

Please only register for the examinations that you actually want to take.
Late registrations after the above-mentioned deadline are not possible.
If you have any questions about exam registrations, please contact bachelor@ei.tum.de or master@ei.tum.de

Good luck for your exams!

Bachelor EI - Examination Board

Responsible for examination issues in the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Chairperson: Prof. Thomas Eibert
Secretary: Prof. Gabriele Schrag
Proxy Secretary: Michaela Heinrich

Sectretary office hours:

By appointment through bachelor@ei.tum.de

Tel: +

Master ECE Examination Board

Responsible for examination issues in the MSc Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, MSc Communications and Electronics Engineering and MSc Neuroengineering.

Chairperson: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Eva Weig
Secretary: Dipl.-Ing. Benita Paraschoudis
Proxy Secretary: Iris Schachtner M.A.

Secretary office hours: Tuesdays 2:30-3:30 p.m. and by appointment
on site in room N2149 (https://nav.tum.de/room/0101.02.149)
or via Zoom  (Meeting-ID: 646 8327 6934, identification code: 789326)

Tel.: +

Withdrawal from examinations

If a candidate cannot take part in one or more examinations, he/she must immediately (on the same day, possibly by fax or e-mail) submit a written request for withdrawal to the Bachelor's (or Master's) Examination Committee.

The withdrawal request can be submitted either using the form

or informally in writing, stating the following data

  • Name and address
  • Matriculation number
  • date
  • missed examination(s) with date
  • Reason for missed examination
  • Signature

must be submitted.

In addition to the application for withdrawal from the examination, proof must be submitted, e.g. in the case of illness a medical or official medical certificate. In the case of withdrawals from GOP examinations due to illness, an official medical certificate must always be submitted.

Please send the completed withdrawal application form and the medical certificate by email to bachelor@ei.tum.de.

The withdrawal request should be addressed as follows:

Bachelor Examination Board EI
Arcisstr. 21
80290 Munich

  •  Only reasons for which the student is not responsible will be recognised.
  •  If it is unclear whether the reason can be recognised or not, this must be clarified in advance before the examination date in the secretary's office hours of the Bachelor Examination Committee. The office hours can be found on the homepage.
  • The application for withdrawal must be submitted immediately, e.g. in person at the Office of the Dean of Studies EI, room N2150, in the letterbox of the Office of the Dean of Studies EI, next to room N2149, by post (attention: receipt of the application is only guaranteed by sending it by registered mail), by email or by fax (the original of the application for withdrawal and the certificate must be submitted later). It is not necessary to hand in the application in person.
  • The reasons for missing the course must be substantiated (proof required).
  • In case of absence due to illness, a certificate must be submitted.or GOP examinations, special requirements apply to the certificate. In the case of withdrawal from GOP examinations, there is a general obligation to submit a medical certificate from an official doctor. The only exception is the first withdrawal from a GOP module examination, in which case a medical certificate is sufficient.
  • A certificate of incapacity for work, as used for presentation to the employer or health insurance company, is not a certificate and is therefore not accepted.
  • A medical certificate that only attests to the inability to take an examination will also not be accepted.
  • In case of bedriddenness at home, a medical certificate must be submitted as soon as this is reasonable. The withdrawal request must be submitted in advance without delay (e.g. by email or fax).
  • The medical certificate must contain the following information:
    - Note "for submission to the Bachelor Examination Board EI".
    - Explanation of the health impairment of the candidate, so that the examination board is able to decide whether this impairment has led to the inability to take the examination or not.
    - Beginning and end (exact date!) of the period for which the inability to take the examination is claimed.
    - Stamp, name and signature of doctor
    - If applicable, release from the duty of confidentiality for possible queries to the doctor.
  • The decision as to whether or not the candidate is unfit for the examination is the responsibility of the examination board and not of the doctor.
  • A withdrawal from the examination due to sudden illness during the examination must be reported to the supervisory staff and an application for withdrawal with a medical certificate issued on the day of the examination must be submitted immediately (on the same day, possibly by fax or email) to the Bachelor Examination Committee.
  • If the examination is completed regularly, no withdrawal from the examination can be recognised.
  • If, although a withdrawal request has been submitted, an examination is taken, the withdrawal request is thereby invalidated and can no longer be subsequently invoked.   If a candidate takes part in an examination despite health or other performance-reducing circumstances in the knowledge of his or her condition, he or she can no longer assert this impairment retrospectively.

If there are any uncertainties or questions on the subject of exam withdrawal, please contact ASA PP ECE.