Thesis and Completing your Studies
in Mathematics

In order to successfully complete a Bachelor's or Master's degree program in the area of Mathematics, students must write a scientific work: the Bachelor’s thesis or Master's thesis. Here, you will find an overview of everything you need to know, from planning to submission:

General Information

When and where?

It is possible to register your thesis on the 1st and 15th of each month. 

The completed registration form must be submitted in due time as a PDF or photo/scan (readable) to or – either by the student (examiner in CC) or by the examiner (student in CC). The signature of the examiner can be provided digitally on the document or the consent of the examiner is made clear in the attached e-mail correspondence. It is currently not necessary to send the original forms by post.

For Master's theses: Please do not forget to provide a German and an English title for your thesis – both will appear on your transcript of records.

Which documents?

In addition to the Registration Form, you must also sign and submit the Route Card for the Diploma Supplement of the TUM Department of Mathematics. Please send the completed form as a PDF or photo/scan (readable) to or Please also submit the Route Card even if no activities are supposed to be incorporated. 

Note: The Diploma Supplement is an English-language supplement to the university diploma and describes the qualifications linked to the study program. Under the heading “Additional Information” in this document, you can request the incorporation of specific details of extracurricular activities completed within the framework of your degree course.


The thesis can be written in German or English language. The Bachelor's thesis muss be prefaced with an abstract in the other language, not the one in which it is written.

Formal considerations

Cover page and page 1

Here you indicate the topic of the work as well as your name and that of the supervisor. In addition, you indicate the date of submission (see example).

Example of a cover page

Page 2

Here you make the following declaration: 

“I hereby declare that this thesis is my own work and that no other sources have been used except those clearly indicated and referenced.” (Place, date, signature either on a tablet or as a scan of your original signature).

If you do not wish to use a digital signature, you may alternatively submit a separate page with the declaration and your original signature at the Infopoint.

Change of title

Please write an e-mail containing the new thesis title to or and CC your supervisor and co-supervisor.

Digital submission

The Bachelor's or Master's thesis has to be submitted digitally. Please submit the thesis as a PDF file to or within the deadline. If you have to hand in code or other files, please e-mail all files collected in a zip folder. Printed copies and USB sticks will no longer be accepted.


Should the submission date fall on a weekend or a public holiday, submission on the subsequent workday is also possible. Theses can of course also be submitted prior to the planned submission date. 


In the event that you need more time to work on your thesis, you must submit an application to or for an extension, at least seven days prior to the planned submission date. This application must have been signed by your thesis supervisor (or you have to send the consent of the supervisor in electronic form). In the event of a second extension, the Chair of the Examination Board must sign the application as well as the thesis supervisor.

Bachelor's Thesis: Application for an extension
Master's Thesis: Application for an extension


The typesetting system LaTeX is the standard program worldwide for the compilation of theses that contain mathematical formulas. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with LaTeX as early as possible during the course of your studies. It is a good exercise to prepare sheets for seminar presentations using LaTeX. 

You can find further information, templates and helpful advice on our LaTeX info page.


Corporate design and use of TUM logos

Thesis Templates for LaTeX

LaTeX-Template Bachelor / Master


The TUM Library does not only offer outstanding access to a wide range of books, newspapers, and electronic media, it also offers courses on, for example, bibliographical research and how to correctly cite works. 

Please also note subject-specific practices when citing works.

Further seminar papers and tools specific to mathematics

For licensing and contractual reasons, some of these databases are only accessible via domains belonging to the TUM Departments of Mathematics and/or Informatics. Please address queries where applicable to your supervisor or the TUM Library:

  • MathSciNet – Mathematical reviews on the web
  • JADE – Journal Articles Database
  • ERAM – Electronic Research Archive for Mathematics
  • Online database at Zentralblatt MATH

English theses

The English Writing Center offers all TUM members free one-to-one advice on writing English texts and helps you to enhance your writing skills.

For questions relating to the content of your Bachelor's or Master's thesis, please contact your thesis supervisor as defined in the General Academic and Examination Regulations (APSO), co-supervisor or the Student Advisory Office responsible.

Bachelor's Thesis Details

When to start

Do you have at least 8 credits in Advanced Courses? Then it is the right moment to commence your Bachelor’s thesis. By the eighth semester of enrollment in your current degree program, at the latest, you must commence your thesis as long as there are no reasonable grounds preventing you from doing so in accordance with section 10 (6) of the APSO.

Time frame & length

You have three months in which to complete your Bachelor’s thesis. This period begins on the date of registration. During this period, you should spend an average of at least 30 hours per week on the Bachelor's thesis – an effort equivalent to 12 credits.

The Bachelor’s thesis should not exceed 35 pages.

Choice of topic

In order to reduce the time needed to familiarize yourself with the topic, it is recommended to choose a topic for your Bachelor's thesis which corresponds to the theme of the Advanced Seminar taken.

Examiner and assessment

The Bachelor’s thesis must be evaluated by someone who is authorized to do so (thesis supervisor as defined in the APSO) at the TUM Department of Mathematics. You will find an overview of all such persons in the list below. It is the written work that is assessed. The talk you give concerning the content does not affect the grading.

Persons authorized to examine theses

Master's Thesis Details

Time frame

You have six months to complete your Master’s thesis. This period begins on the date of registration. You normally complete the Master’s thesis in the fourth semester of your Master’s program after you have fulfilled all other academic and exam requirements.

Examiners and assessment

The Master’s thesis must be approved and evaluated by someone who is authorized to do so (thesis supervisor as defined in the APSO) at the TUM Department of Mathematics. Exception: For the Master's program "Mathematics in Data Science" all persons authorized as examiners at the TUM Department of Informatics can also act as thesis supervisor. In this case, please send an abstract of your thesis topic to the study advisor for approval prior to registration. Please cc in the mail.

You will find an overview of all such persons in the following list:

Persons authorized to examine theses