Practical Courses and Seminar Courses

This information only applies to courses with the numbers IN0012, IN0014, IN2106, IN2107, IN2128, IN2129, IN2130, IN2131, IN2396, IN2397. Not for any other courses even though announced as "seminar" course or "practical course".

The registration for practical courses and seminar courses is not possible via TUMonline, but only through participating in the matching system. All necessary information can be found on

Matching for winter semester 2023/24

The matching of seminar and practical course places for the winter term 2023/24 is completed.

You can find a list of the remaining places below. If you are interested in one of the remaining places, please contact all indicated supervisors of the respective course directly.

Only if you do not get a place this way and urgently need a place in a seminar or practical course in the coming winter semester, please contact Prof. Leutenegger ( between 28.08.-08.09. by email with the subject "Seminar/ practical course place required".
Please describe your situation and enclose the emails to the person responsible for the course and the answers you received. Please understand that we can only consider your requests if the desired course is a compulsory course in your study plan.

Seminar Course - Fundamentals of Wave Simulation - Solving Hyperbolic Systems of PDEs (IN2183, IN2107)
Master-Seminar - Current Topics in Medical Machine Learning and Computational Pathology (IN2107, IN4514)
Master-Seminar - Deep Learning for Medical Applications (IN2107, IN4860)
Seminar: Quantum Computing at Compile Time (IN0014, IN2107)
IN2107 Optimal control and Reinforcement Learning for Robotics
Seminar on Development and Integration of Hardware Accelerators (IN2107)
Foundations and Applications of Graph Neural Networks (IN2107)
Master Seminar 3D Vision (IN2107, IN4911)
Master-Seminar - Modern Computer Vision Methods (IN2107, IN4486)
Seminar: Advanced Topics of Quantum Computing (IN2107, IN0014, IN2183)
Master-Seminar: Learning of and on manifolds in medical imaging (IN2107)
Seminar: Accelerated Computing Systems (IN0014, IN2107)
Advanced Seminar Large-Scale Graph Processing and Graph Partitioning (IN2107, IN4435)
Master-Seminar - Robot Perception & Intelligence (IN2107, IN45008)
Seminar Causal Reasoning (IN2107, IN0014)
Master Seminar: Federated Learning for Industrial Processes (IN2107, IN4481)
IN2107 Seminar on Topics in Design Automation
Master-Seminar - Digital Health Service Systems (IN2107, IN4972)
Master-Seminar - Static Analysis - Mastering Concurrency (IN2107)
Master Seminar: 3D Machine Learning (IN2107, IN4429)
IN2107 Seminar on Robotics Science and Systems Intelligence
Master Seminar - Neural Radiance Fields (IN2107, IN4499)
Masterseminar - Roboy Research Seminar (IN2107, IN4890)
Master-Seminar - Causality and Machine Learning (IN2107, IN4483)
Advanced Seminar on Safe Cyber-Physical Systems (MW2400, IN2107)
Seminar - Formal Methods in IT Security (IN0014, IN2107, IN4489)
Master-Seminar - Entwurfsmuster künstlicher, neuronaler Netze im Maschinellem Sehen (IN2107)
Master-Seminar -  Analyse des Gehirns - Anwendungen von Deep Learning Methoden in den Neurowissenschaften (IN2107)
Master-Seminar - Digital Transformation (IN2107, IN2396, IN4831)
Master-Seminar - Theoretical advances in deep learning (IN2107, IN4409)
Seminar - Verifiable Computation (IN0014, IN2107)
Masterseminar - Representation of Tasks, Actions, and Skills in Robotics (IN2107)
Master-Seminar 3D Shape Matching and Application in Computer Vision (IN2107, IN4466)

Seminar - Concepts of Trust Establishment (IN0014, IN2107, IN45030)

Bachelor-Praktikum - IT-basiertes Lernen gestalten (IN0012, IN4138)
Praktikum - Spezifikation und Verifikation (IN0012, IN2106, IN4035)
Master-Praktikum - Scientific Computing - High-Performance Computing (IN2106, IN4230)
Master Practical Course - Legal Data Analysis Lab (IN2106, IN4316)
Praktikum - Deep Learning auf Expertenniveau für Computer Vision und Biomedizin (IN0012, IN2106, IN4204)
IN2106 Intelligent Machine Design Lab: Basic System Design
Practical Course - Technical Project Leadership (IN0012, IN2106)
IN2106 Dodo Alive! - Resurrecting the Dodo with Robotics and AI: Hardware & Design
Praktikum - Roboy Student Team (IN0012, IN2106, IN4188)
Masterpraktikum - Reinforcement Learning and Benchmarking for Modular Robots (IN2106,IN0012)
Master-Praktikum - Supportive Process Automation and Worker Assistance (IN2128, IN2106)
IN2106 Cybathlon Challenge: Task Control & User Experiments
Advanced Practical Course - There and Back Again - Foundations and Applications of Process (Re-)Discovery with Petri Nets and Process Trees (IN2106, IN2128)
IN2106 Praktikum Robot Modelling and Identification
IN2106 Cybathlon Challenge: Mechanism Design & Control
Master-Praktikum - Machine Learning in Crowd Modeling & Simulation (IN2106, IN4267)
IN2106 Quantum Computing Software Lab
Master-Praktikum - Praktikum der mobilen Robotik (IN2106, IN4306)
Master Practical Course: 3D Scanning & Spatial Learning (IN2106, IN4263)
Advanced Practical Course - Message Correlation and Inter-Instance/Process Communication in Process Aware Information Systems  (IN2106, IN2130)
Praktikum - Automotive Software Entwicklung (IN2106, IN4124)
Praktikum - Erstellung von Deep-Learning-Methoden (IN0012, IN2106, IN4292)
IN2106 Dodo Alive! - Resurrecting the Dodo with Robotics and AI: Simulation & Control
Master-Praktikum: Resilient Cognitive Systems (IN2106)
Master Practical Course: Computer Network Simulation (IN2106, IN4324)
Praktikum - Advanced Binary Exploitation (IN2106, IN0012)

The courses offered in Informatics are divided into practical courses and seminar courses, as described above, and courses with a seminar or practical course character. These can be easily distinguished by the module numbers (INxxxx), which can be found in the title of each informatics course in TUMonline.

  • Seminars for bachelor programs have the module number (IN0014) and for master programs (IN2107).
  • Practical courses for bachelor programs have the module number (IN0012) and for master programs (IN2106)
  • Practical courses for the master's program in Information Systems have the module numbers (IN2128, IN2129, IN2131)

The same rules as for all other "normal" courses apply to courses and examinations that have the character of a seminar or internship, but have other module numbers than those mentioned above (e.g. Support Elective Modules IN9xxx). See also the pages on examinations.


Log in to TUMonline and select "Courses" in the Study & Courses section, then select the semester. Enter the IN number of the desired course as the search term (e.g. IN0014 for Bachelor seminars, IN2107 for Master seminars, IN0012 for Bachelor practical course, IN2106 for Master practical course).

In some degree programs, e.g. in the Master of Informatics, it is possible to include more than one internship. Unfortunately, TUMonline cannot automatically decide where the practical course should be assigned. Therefore, the assignment is done semi-automatically by the Academic Programs Office only after the grades have been finalized.

However, you have the possibility to do the assignment yourself in advance. To do this, you have to click on the checkbox in the column "Gew" and the line of your practical course in the curriculum under "Master practical course -> [VK] [IN2106] Master practical course". You will find a gray 'L' in the right line in the column "Leist".

Examinations and other study achievements have to be done independent and exclusively under use of permitted aids. In the case of seminar papers and theses, but also exercises and programming exercises, it is therefore important to ensure complete and correct citations to avoid sources of plagiarism.

To offer our students the best education possible we support our students to avoid plagiarism and respect basic rules of citation. For this purpose we compiled a guideline.

Guideline: Student Code of Conduct