TUM Puzzle Hunt in April 2023: enigame 8

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Challenged from the first to the last minute: The popular puzzle hunt enigame will take place online on Friday and Saturday, 28 and 29 April 2023, starting at 16:30. The organizers of the game are members and alumni of the Department of Mathematics.

About enigame

Using logic, unconventional thinking and team spirit, you can come a long way in the puzzle hunt enigame. You have to solve a series of audio, image, text and cryptographic puzzles. Put them together and get to the top with your team!

Participating in enigame is easy: Register, create a team, or just find one on Discord. A team can have a maximum of 10 members. You want to know what such a puzzle looks like? The organizers offer a demo where you can try out some tasks.

How enigame works

enigame consists of more than 25 increasingly challenging puzzles. You play three episodes in two days. Like in the well-known escape games, the teams can finally use the collected information to find out the answer or password and get to the next level.

There will be live streams via Twitch at the beginning and end of the game. The winners will receive prizes. There are also awards for the best meme and the best artwork.

enigame 8: the story

Eni just finished the debriefing after her last assignment as secret agent. That was so fun – but also a bit dangerous. After all that excitement it is time to relax and enjoy life. A trip to the national history museum sounds cool. Let‘s go! It is just a short walk to the next metro station and a quick train ride to the city.

What a beautiful trip! The track goes straight over the sea. There is even a whale that swims along with the train. Oh, and at the beach of the city is a sea lion... giving a speech in front of puffins? Probably that was just an illusion... That would be a very strange behavior. Unlike the sloth that is naturally hanging down the handrail. Wait, what?! Why is there a sloth on the train? Maybe the person with the cool sunglasses sitting opposite has an idea. Oooh, that person is a chicken?! Help Eni figure out what is happening!

Assemble your team, register at enigame and get ready. Your expedition through a world of mysterious puzzles will start on 28 April at 17:00.

The team behind enigame

Enigame is organized by a team around Prof. Tim Hoffmann and is an homage to the popular Arcane Game. Similar puzzle hunts are organized by other universities, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. With 'enigame 8' the TUM hosts such a game for the 8th time. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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