FAQ about the Precourse Mathematics for Informatics

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about the precourse Mathematics for Informatics.

The precourse Mathematics for Informatics is exclusively intended for first-year students of Informatics at the TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology. Unfortunately, students in higher semesters and first-year students of other schools cannot participate. 

However, we also offer precourses in mathematics for beginners of various other degree programs.

In addition to the precourse in mathematics, we also offer a pre-program to our first-year students.

In principle, it is possible to join the precourse later on. Because even then you can benefit from it in your studies. However, you might have difficulties following the lectures during the course if you have missed material.

Please register regularly for the precourse if you want to join later.

No. It is at your own discretion which parts of the precourse you actually attend.

Registration for the precourse after the registration deadline is only possible in justified exceptional cases – provided that there are still places available. Please get in touch with the responsible contact person.

You will receive your matriculation number together with your admission letter sent to you by TUM. You do not need a matriculation number for the precourse.

MWN ID stands for Münchner Wissenschaftsnetz-Identifikationsnummer (Munich Science Network Identification Number) and is a unique identifier for all students and employees of the Munich universities and research institutes that are connected to the Munich Science Network via the Leibniz Computing Center. You will receive your MWN ID together with your admission letter which will be sent to you by TUM.

Please note: Your registration for the precourse is also valid without MWN ID.

Yes. They will be made available via the Moodle course which everyone who registers in time will have access to before the course begins.

The precourse Mathematics for Informatics is a free offer of the TUM for first-year students in the field of informatics. It does not include travel or meals.

You should arrange accommodation in Munich, Garching or the surrounding area as well as transport in good time. There is a canteen and cafeterias on the research campus.

When you enroll at TUM, you do not officially attain student status until the beginning of the summer or winter semester (not to be confused with the start of lectures). Only then will you receive discounted tickets for public transportation – for example, in the Munich Transportation and Tariff Association (MVV) or with the German Railway (DB).

Unfortunately, the MVV and the DB currently do not allow precourse students to purchase discounted tickets before the start of the summer or winter semester.

Please use the following directions.