5. Exams and Transcripts for Exchange Students

At TUM, each department/schools determines its own examination period. At TUM Informatics, written examinations take place over a four-week period each semester, starting with the last week of the lecture period and continuing an additional three weeks. An exam timetable will be published on the exams page before each exam period

Please remember that you must register for each of your exams in TUMonline from late November until January 15 for winter semester exams and mid-May until June 30 for summer semester exams.

The registration for exams in winter semester starts in mid-November until January 15. During summer semester you register for exams from the beginning of May until June 30. If you don't register in time, credits will not appear on your transcript. It is a very strict deadline, so keep the deadlines in mind. The Academic Programs Office as well as the Team International Affairs will send reminders by email. 

In case you have issues with registering, the guideline for exchange students gives incomings a pathway how to register for an exam. Have a look there first! In addition, the TUM step-by-step guideline explains, how to register for exams in TUMonline and gives you all the necessary information.

Students with special needs requiring additional time for the examination or specific access arrangements have to request an accommodation before the registration for exams ends. The earlier you inform student-exchange@in.tum.de the better. Be aware that you have to submit a confirmation by your home university and/or a medical attestation.

For further questions with regard to exams please contact student-exchange@in.tum.de in due time.

Resits/Retakes at TUM Informatics are offered for some but not all lectures. Resits take place in late September/October (registration in September) for summer semester, and late March/April for winter semester (registration in March). Students enrolled at TUM during the current semester can take the resits of the upcoming retake-period. For retake exams offered a semester or year later, students would have to re-enroll. Please contact student-exchange@in.tum.de for advice in that case. For resits/retakes at other TUM Schools/Departments different rules apply, please check there. 

At TUM, a transcript of records (= grade report) is an official document in English and German showing:

  • A list of courses attended at TUM (lectures, seminars, etc.)
  • Number of ECTS credits per course
  • Grades earned
  • Grading table

You will likely need a transcript to bring to your home university upon completion of your studies at TUM.

Transcripts can be easily produced by logging in to your TUMonline account and selecting “Transcripts” in the “Exams” row. You will have two choices: "Print Examination Report" (showing all exams - failed and passed) and "Print Grade Report" (showing only passed exams). Select "Print Grade Report" to produce an official transcript. The bilingual transcript lists modules in German and English.

The transcript has the English title 'grade report', as TUM calls the final certificate of degree students a Transcript of Records only. Nevertheless your transcript is fully valid, it isn't possible to produce another certificate for non-degree/exchange students. It is valid without signature and stamp, you may use the following confirmation letter when submitting your transcript at your home university. 

For ERASMUS+ students: Consequently, we don't sign the part 'after the mobility' of the ERASMUS+ Learning Agreements. Your TUM Transcript of Records is the official replacement for it.

Note: Due to the different semester dates at TUM, some grades will be published late!

Transcripts of Records will be ready to download in TUMonline after the examination periods:

  • Mid-March or the end of April/beginning of May for grades of winter semester
  • Mid-September or the end of October/beginning of November for grades of summer semester

Thank you for your understanding that Transcript of Records can not be issued before or in between these dates. By international comparison TUM semester dates and examination periods take place later during the academic year. Please take that into account. Check your TUMonline account if all grades appear and are set valid. Otherwise they won't be indicated on your transcript of records (see grade report!). 

We expect that most partner universities will accept TUM Transcripts of Records without signature and stamp! Please refer to the letter of confirmation by TUM Global & Alumni Office.

In case you have taken courses of other TUM departments/schools, then the publication of grades in TUMonline might appear at any time in between the dates above. 

You have life-long access to your TUMonline account and can download your transcript of records there anytime. 

You have life-long access to your TUM account and will be able to log in to show your digital records to your home university, even after the removal from the register of students (Exmatrikulation). Only in the rare case that your home university insists on a signed and stamped or confirmed Transcript of Records (ToR), you can request it the following way:

Send a request via your TUM email account (important to identify you! Use your TUM Login) by the end of or after your stay at TUM

  • (1) Hardcopy: Include in your request the contact person and postal address you want the physical copy sent to
  • or alternatively for a confirmed digital copy (2) the person and e-mail address, TUM Informatics' Academic Programs Office shall forward your grade report via e-mail, as a confirmation but without signature & stamp.

For requests by incoming exchange students, your contact at IN.TUM Academic Programs Office is tor-incomings@in.tum.de

Kindly check your TUMonline account if all grades are set valid and appear on your grade report. It is your responsibility before you make the request for a ToR, either signed and stamped or confirmed by email.

Please also note, due to German data protection laws Grade Reports are generally not sent out to the students' home institutions directly or automatically. Exchange students from institutions which require that Grade Reports be sent directly to their home institutions need to authorize TUM Informatics Academic Programs Office and provide the postal or email address of the relevant contact person at their home institution.

During the lecture free periods (August-September & March-April) responds can take longer due to absences and vacations. Thank you for your understanding.

(1) For signing a confirmation of stay the following rules at TUM apply:

  • Arrival: the day of the first academic activity (e.g. orientation weeks, language courses, information / welcome events)
  • Departure: the day of the last academic activity (e.g. end of course, examination, end of thesis); the signature can be done with your last day of academic activity or thereafter (not beforehand).
  • Your home university provides you with the correct form sheet. Please request it there. 
  • TUM Informatics does not sign confirmations before the exact day of your arrival or departure.

(2) Upload your confirmation form in our web form

  • latest by mid-July for an extension for winter semester,
  • latest by mid-January for summer semester.

Your home university has to agree first and you have to provide us with the confirmation of extension either by your home university coordinator's email directly sent to us or an official letter nominating you for an additional semester.

Q: What is the difference between "grade report" and "examination report" in TUMonline?

A: The TUMonline grade report shows only the exams you have passed, failed exams are excluded. The TUMonline examination report lists all courses you have registered an exam for, with passed and failed grades. TUM Academic Programs Office sends out grade reports (= Transcript of Records).

Q: I need a signed or confirmed copy of my TUM Transcript of Records (grade report). My home institution insists on it. What shall I do?

A: See paragraph "Unsigned Transcript not accepted - request for confirmed or signed copy". Decide if a confirmed pdf sent via email is sufficient, or if you need a signed and sealed hard copy.

Q: Can I take an exam again, if I have passed the exam? Can I improve my grade?

A: No, at TUM you can not write an exam a second time, once you have passed it. In case you have failed the exam, then you can take the exam again.

Q: Some modules are not shown correctly on the grade report, e.g. a module code or the ECTS are missing. What shall I do?

A: Write an email to tor-incomings@in.tum.de with a request for correction. Some modules might have to be assigned to your study plan in TUMonline first, before the transcript of records lists all your exams correctly. This can happen with practical courses, seminars and modules of other TUM Departments particularly.