Incoming Exchange Students

Welcome to TUM Informatics (Computer Science)!

As a student at one of TUM CIT Informatics’s international partner universities, you can spend a semester or academic year on exchange in the area of Computer Science and Informatics with us here in Munich. Read through this section for all the details on application, courses, practical arrangements, and more.

The academic calendar of TUM Informatics is defined as follows:

Winter semester: 1st October – 31st March

Lecture period:  early/mid October  – mid February
Examination period of lectures: early February – early March (may differ in other departments)
(see prospective exam periods of future semesters)

Summer semester: 1st April – 30th September 

Lecture period: early/mid April – mid July/early August (differs every year)
Examination period of lectures: mid/end July – early/mid August (may differ in other departments)
(see prospective exam periods of future semesters)

The TUM academic calendar divides our academic year in two semesters. Please consider the different teaching and examination periods of each TUM School/Subject area when planning your exchange stay! Depending on the lecture start, the examination period differs from year to year, in particular with regard to the summer semester. It is crucial that exchange students are present in Munich in time for the very beginning of the lecture period. If possible, arrive earlier.

A regular semester has 30 ECTS credits, for exchange students we recommend a workload of 20-25 ECTS. Please see the section about courses (=lectures, practical courses and seminars) for more information. Practical courses and seminars are examined by project work, presentations and essays respectively during and at the end of the lecture period. In contrast, only lectures are examined by a written exam during the examination period. 

1. Courses - how to find them

The website guides you step by step through TUMonline, our online course portal, so that you find courses and can prepare your study program or learning agreement respectively.

2. Application for Exchange Stay

How to submit your application to TUM Global & Alumni - information for exchange students or nondegree seeking students. Include our course wish list or an unsigned learning agreement (PDF). 

3. Plan Your Exchange

Academic and logistical information to help you prepare your application and your stay as an exchange or double-degree student at TUM Informatics - after admission. 

4. During Your Exchange

Practical information for current exchange students, including medical care, registering for exams, student activities and working in Germany.

5. Exams and Transcripts

Practical information on examinations and transcripts at the end or after your exchange studies. 

Application for Double Degree Students

Information on our international double degree programs. Students in these programs come from one of our partner universities and combine study at their home university with study at TUM Informatics in order to earn two master’s degrees.