2. Application for an Exchange Stay at TUM Informatics

a) Nomination by home university

In order to apply for an exchange semester at TUM Informatics, you must first be nominated by your home university. Your home university will likely have a procedure to select students for exchange programs, so contact the international office at your home institution for details on how to apply to be nominated.

b) Learning Agreement - how to find courses

Check our website about courses and how to design your learning agreement/study program in order to prepare your stay academically.

c) Application to TUM: Course Wish List

For your application at TUM in May or October respectively, please submit a "wish list of courses" (.docx) or an unsigned online learning agreement (download PDF with "revision"). The respective document does not need to be signed by your home coordinator yet. 95% of the study programs/learning agreements will change after course publication. Therefore, we require only the student's signature at the time of application. 

d) Apply at TUM Global & Alumni Office

After you are nominated by your home university, read our departmental information on courses. Make sure to include your "course wish list" or "unsigned online learning agreement" in your application (see paragraph above).
Then you can apply for an exchange stay via TUM Global & Alumni Office. The central TUM Global & Alumni Office coordinates all applications and forwards them after the deadline to the respective subject area, like TUM Informatics.

TUM Informatics will review your application and thereafter TUM Global & Alumni Office will send you more details on how to enroll at TUM. Note that this process typically takes 5 to 6 weeks after the respective application deadline (May 15 for winter semester or October 31 for summer semester). 

Application for Double Degree Students

Information on our international double degree programs. Students in these programs come from one of our partner universities and combine study at their home university with study at TUM Informatics in order to earn two master’s degrees.

No program for visiting or free-mover students

Please note that we are only able to accept students for exchange (non-degree) studies who are students at our partner universities and who have been nominated for exchange. Students who have received a DAAD scholarship to study in Germany or have been nominated via a DAAD program may also be eligible to study in our subject area. TUM does not offer other non-degree studies.