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Curriculum Master Neuroengineering

The MSNE program is designed as a 2-year full-time program, which requires students to complete 120 ECTS to obtain the academic degree Master of Science in Neuroengineering. An optional Research Excellence Certificate can be obtained after completing an additional 30 ECTS.

Suggested Curriculum over 4 Semesters

Semester MID - Module Name   Optional Research
Excellence Certificate
1 (winter) EI60007 Statistics and Probability Theory 5 ECTS Elective 5 ECTS
1 (winter) EI60002 Mixed Signal Electronics in Neuroengineering 5 ECTS    
1 (winter) ME60003 Neuro-Anatomy and Neuro-Physiology 5 ECTS    
1 (winter) EI60004 Computational Neuroscience 5 ECTS    
1 (winter) Elective 5 ECTS    
Research Project
(6 Week)
2 (summer) EI60005 Large-Scale Modeling and Large-Scale Data Analysis 5 ECTS Elective 5 ECTS
2 (summer) EI60006 Signal Processing, Dynamic System Modeling (*) 5 ECTS    
2 (summer) ME60001 Neuro-Recording Methods 5 ECTS    
2 (summer) EI60008 Literature Seminar, Scientific Debating, Colloquium 1 6 ECTS    
2 (summer) Elective 5 ECTS    
  EI60016 Research Project (9 Week) 12 ECTS    
3 (winter) EI60009 Neuro-inspired Systems Engineering 6 ECTS Elective 5 ECTS
3 (winter) POL70073 Societal Impact, Ethics 5 ECTS    
3 (winter) EI60012 Literature Seminar, Scientific Debating, Colloquium 2 6 ECTS    
3 (winter) Elective 5 ECTS    
3 (winter) Elective 5 ECTS    
4 (summer) EI8950 Master Thesis 30 ECTS Elective 5 ECTS
Total   120

* Effective Summer Semester 2023, the module "Signal Processing, Dynamic System Modeling" (EI60006) will be replaced by a new module "Neuroengineering Materials and Interfaces".